Have you ever felt like you are 2 different people within?

Like you are made up of 2 polar opposites? Do they feel conflicted? I have. And still do. And one of those parts I always felt was wrong, too much and should be restrained. I would even go so far to say that I felt often embarrassed by this part of myself when I did…

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pink moon

The 12 Most Valuable Things I Ever Learnt About Business & Success

Spending some time journalling recently, I was going over my past business successes, major disappointment’s and everything in between. This little exploration turned into a truly insightful list that has given me a great perspective and a cool Manifesto for moving forward from here. I find myself thinking about it each time I feel tempted…

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The Difference Between Your Higher Calling & Your Biz Niche

When I was working as a wellness teacher, I spent so many years trying to define what I do exactly… every business course I ever took told me to get super clear on the ONE problem I solve. I listened to so many business teachers and coaches out there talk about finding your business NICHE…that…

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A Dirty Little Habit…That Commonly Sabotages Many Women In Business!

This dirty little habit can totally hold you back from you higher calling and from really achieving what you want in your life & business… It’s held me back…time and time again!! When I think back to all the times this habit has gotten in the way…if I STOPPED IT and just did what I…

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Being A Loan Wolf On Your Journey Can Hold You Back…

For years I’ve heard coaches in biz and visionary teachers talk about the importance of ‘being a part of a likeminded community’, and i understood ‘sure you need to know people with similar interests and shared missions’… But til recently I never really got just HOW crucial it is to be a part of a…

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Colour 35mm Transparency

How We Comprise Our Core Values In Every Day Life

Living our highest calling requires us to be aligned with our deepest values… those core truth’s from deep in our soul that we most deeply desire to live our life by. I think we can have these core values, but not fully live by them, whether that be in our relationships, our finances, our work…

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