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LAST CLASS Happening July 20th

The Vibrantly You Workshop is the ultimate UN-cooking class that will help you find your Body Bliss so you can LOOK and FEEL fabulous in 2013 and beyond!

In this HALF DAY Raw Food Un-Cooking class Perth, you will learn how to…

  1. How to make quick simple meals that taste fabulous without spending hours in the kitchen
  2. Heal & balance your body easily & effortlessly potentially saving you $$$ seeking quick fixes!
  3. Tips for ending the confusion on what to eat (there’s no one diet fits all here)!
  4. Learn how to do Raw Food Right (without the all or nothing approach) & how to make it work with a cooked food diet for the best of both worlds
“Learn to eat in a way that will improve your weight, heal your body and ignite your zest
for life, while saving you time frustration and potentially thou$$ands!!”

The Vibrantly You Un..Cooking Class Perth will cover EVERYTHING you need to know…

  • Kitchen equipment to support your wellness and make meal times easy
  • A detailed look at key ingredients to keep on hand for fast, delicious and nutritious meals (these are the very food I personally use and recommend)
  • Tips for staying healthy and vibrant for life
  • Nearly Naked breakfast recipes
  • Everyday live food main meals
  • Vibrantly You snacks for the nude on the go
  • Discover the benefits of live foods and how to make it work in the real world
  • Tips for feeding raw to a COOKED family making meal times a breeze (no more making multiple meals)
  • And much more!!

Recipes suit all levels of skills and are are based on being simple, yet big on flavor.

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Vibrantly YOU  (LAST CLASS)

DATE: 20th July

TIME: 10am-2pm

VENUE: Hamilton Hill (20mins from Perth CBD)

PRICE: $229   

1 Place Remaining

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Price: $229.00

People who have attended the Vibrantly You workshop

“I love that you are still supportive of people who may not want to be 100% raw so it makes me feel less guilty about still indulging in the health but cooked foods that I love. You made me feel more con?dent in my ability to experiment in the kitchen, and made going (mostly raw) so much more fun and exciting!Just from eating (mostly) raw over the last few days and cutting out preservatives I already am starting to feel better, and like my body is starting to function how it should be”.
-Samantha C, Perth

“What an excellent workshop! You have motivated me to start making those delicious easy snacks and meals that I am certain my whole family will love! Thanks Michelle!”
-Rachel, Perth

“Michelle is very inspiring! A fantastic day with lots of food to try it was worth every penny! Now I feel confident in making simple healthy recipes.”
-Leila Redmond

“Michelle is a passionate, knowledgeable person who willingly shares her skills and information. The workshop was enjoyable and the information gained is easily applicable to day-to-day food preparation”
-Kate Egan

I found this class very informative. The food was fantastic, I didn’t realize what you could do with raw foods. I look forward to coming to the next class!”
-Jenn Knuckey

“Great ideas, stimulating & creative! It inspired me to learn more & to think about what I am consuming!”
-Yvonne Bercov


I transformed my own body and well-being…

After teaching many classes over the years, I have heard your personal struggles around eating and making it work when you’re busy with a career and often feeding a family or husband too! Because of this, I have put together the very best of what I teach, in a one-stop half day class, giving you EVERYTHING you need to know for making your eating and health EASY & YUMMY!

I transformed my own body and well-being by using this simple, yet deeelicious way of eating. I discovered this after having spent $1000′s on both conventional and alternative help (and I was eating a conventionally healthy diet too!). Read my story here


Warning: This is ONLY for those who want to EAT their way to a LIGHTER body, IMPROVED health and BALANCED well-being!

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